Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Future In A Decade

When I'm older I do not know what i want to be. What i do know is what area i want to work in. I want to work in the health area such as a Vet or a Doctor. Your probably wondering i thought you want to be a soccer player but here is my points in why i did not mention i wanted to be a soccer player.

1. Im not good enough, when i was 6 i was meant to be better then i am now like just plain awesome.

2. Hardly any scouts come to NZ because we are not good at soccer.

3. Ryan Nelson is the only good NZ in the Premier League so its like a 4.5 million to 1 chance in getting into the premier league and being famous.

4. How will you have time to study and do well in university and high school when your training 24/7 to become a famous player. Your only chance is dropping out of school and what will happen if you dont become famous you wont be skilled or smart enough to get a good job.

So thats why im not saying when i grow up i want to be a soccer player. Now back to why i want to be in the health industry. I want to be in the health industry because my mum and dad are doctors and they are very succesfull they have a big house in NZ and Egypt, 4 kids in school doing well. Also they can help me to become doctors aswell so i have a massive advantage. So thats why i want to be in the health area.