Thursday, April 2, 2009


Mr.Woody's grandad went to Egypt in world war 2 and he diddnt want to go near the great pyramid (the biggest one) Well i think thats pretty weird but anyway let me tell you the story about the last time i went to Egypt it was awesome. A thing that i did was ride a donkey tee hee.The donkey was sooooo cute anyway there was kid who was next to me and he was hitting the donkey hard telling him to faster. Honestly i wanted to get a AK-47 and shot him 10000000 times. I toke a picture on top of a camel it was cool but it was so urghh and stuff and its mouth was disgusting. What else did i do oh yaaa this is prob the best thing i did i climbed one of the pyramids YAAAAAAAAAA.I dont know what one it was but it was a empty one (Obiously not the one with all the jewels in it). We climbed it but we had to be quick because it had low air level obiously. So ya 1st you were just walking and then you had to go across this bridgde it was wobbly and stuff scary as stuff. then after we had to climb up and up this ladder it was hard.we made it at the end and ya it was just a broken stone case thingy.Also we saw the sphinx (stupid Napoleon's troops broke the sphinx nose) if you think that they actully diddnt shot the sphinx nose of comment. EGYPT ROCKS.


  1. Very disturbing story,but funny anyway LOL. There must have been lots of workers to complete the great pyramid.

  2. Yes the troops used to use the sphinxes nose as a target when practicing their marksman skills. This was done when napolian (I think) took over Egypt until they killed all the troops and Egypt was free.