Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Ultimate Soccer Question

Nicolas Anelka vs Ashley Young

Hi i would like to ask you guys a really hard question here goes.Who is a greater soccer player Nicolas Anelka (Wooot Wooot) or Ashley Young (Booooo).Here are some links to help you make up your decision.So far Anelka is winning by 1 point from ME tehe.So comment below and tell me what you think.Here are the links to make up your mind.P.s i made the picture my self tehe
Nicolas Anelka links
  1. Heres One
  2. Another One
  3. Again One
  4. Wikipeida
Ashley Young Links
  1. Ashley's One
  2. Another Ashley One
  3. Again Ashley Magic
  4. Wikipedia

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Youtube Video

Hi guys i made a new Youtube video and if you like check it out.It is sooooo dry so dont make fun of me because tongiriro tongariro giving a shout.Hear is the link.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My 2nd Favourite Team

Hi guys you all know my favourite team is Arsenal but you might think what my 2ND favourite team is.But the difference between my 2ND favourite and 1st favourite team is a big difference i love Arsenal infinity/100 and my 2nd favourite is like 100/100.Well the moment you have all been waiting for my 2ND favorite team is Newcastle UNITED.

Maradona is the greatest player in history

I think Diego Maradona is the greatest football player known to date.The reasons why i think this is because he won the world cup for Argentina twice.Also he scored the goal of the century it was the greatest goal ever scored known to man.Diego Maradona has scored heaps of goals in his career.Maradona has scored 116 goals for Argentinos Juniors,28 goals for Boca Juniors,22 goals for FC Barcelona,115 goals for Napoli,7 goals for Sevilla,0 goals for Newells old boys and 7 goals for Boca Junoirs.For Argintina Diego Maradona has scored 34 goals.In total Maradona has scored 311 in his career know if you can find a soccer player with more then 311 goals comment.Also Maradona is a coach now and has coached Mandiyu de Corriented,Racing Club and right know is coaching Argintina.THIS IS WHY I THINK MARADONA IS THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER.HERE ARE THE 2 BEST GOALS EVER SCORED MY MARADONA.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fairfeild Blue 7-1 Hamilton Marist Dragons

On Saturday the 9th of may 2009 the Fairfeild Blue played there 2nd match and versed the Hamilton Marist Dragons and won 7-1.We had a good 1st half passing alot and not hogging the ball.Great defending and clearing,making sure the opposition diddnt get the ball.In the 2nd half we got a little cocky and slowed down a bit but still played good.The goalscorers were Malik scoring an Arshavin (4) AGAIN!!! and Ben with 2 goals and Asser scoring 1 with a beautiful header thanks to a cross from Ben and 2 assists that malik scored.At the end of the day we had an awesome match once again and dominated.Player of the day went to Ben for a great game and everyone was happy with the choice.If you would like to see our next matches click here.Then scroll down to Waikato Juniors then click on fixtures next to Waikato Junior Open grade Grading

Monday, May 4, 2009

Samir Nasri Designs

Hi guys i was bored so i went on photo studio and made these Samir Nasri pictures.Please comment and give me some good points and bad points.Thanks guys.P.S THIS WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS MAREKAS LOL.So ya check it out and hope you like it.And oh while your at it compare mine and Marekas and tell me which one you like more.Here is Marekas click here.

ArSeNaL ArE My LiFe

Arsene Wenger is really samrt because when they versed portsmouth on the 3rd of may 2009 he put all the unexperianced players of arsenal and put bendtner and carlos vela on and so on.He diddnt put fabregas or nasri or adebayor and so on.I know why comment if you know why.Oh it doesent matter he did that because he wanted all the stars to have a break before they battle to the death against man u.WHO ARE WE.....WE ARE THE ARSENAL......AND WHO DO WE HATE......MANCHESTER UNITED.Also he is the 2nd longest lasting manager for an english team.Manchester United's Sir Alex Fergusen is the longest lasting.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fairfeild Blue 8-2 Hukanui-Rototuna Leopards

On the 2nd of may 2009 Fairfeild Blue versed the H-R Leopards and ended up on top.We had great passing and we communicated a lot and we were being team players and won.The goal scorers were: Malik with an Arshavin (4) Ben 1 Leon 1 Ryan 1 and Asser 1 yaaay i scored.Excellent match guys keep it up and nice try 1st 11 but cambridge were just to good better luck next time.And player of the match was a tough one but Malik got it in the end nice work.And Ben thanks for the ride=)