Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fairfeild Blue 7-1 Hamilton Marist Dragons

On Saturday the 9th of may 2009 the Fairfeild Blue played there 2nd match and versed the Hamilton Marist Dragons and won 7-1.We had a good 1st half passing alot and not hogging the ball.Great defending and clearing,making sure the opposition diddnt get the ball.In the 2nd half we got a little cocky and slowed down a bit but still played good.The goalscorers were Malik scoring an Arshavin (4) AGAIN!!! and Ben with 2 goals and Asser scoring 1 with a beautiful header thanks to a cross from Ben and 2 assists that malik scored.At the end of the day we had an awesome match once again and dominated.Player of the day went to Ben for a great game and everyone was happy with the choice.If you would like to see our next matches click here.Then scroll down to Waikato Juniors then click on fixtures next to Waikato Junior Open grade Grading


  1. Asser What a legend and Malik Your a king and Ben You Da Hen (I Mean Bomb)

  2. lolz. I set a record lolz 7 goals in 1 day!! (3 for the 1st eleven and 4 for the second eleven) WOOT