Monday, May 11, 2009

Maradona is the greatest player in history

I think Diego Maradona is the greatest football player known to date.The reasons why i think this is because he won the world cup for Argentina twice.Also he scored the goal of the century it was the greatest goal ever scored known to man.Diego Maradona has scored heaps of goals in his career.Maradona has scored 116 goals for Argentinos Juniors,28 goals for Boca Juniors,22 goals for FC Barcelona,115 goals for Napoli,7 goals for Sevilla,0 goals for Newells old boys and 7 goals for Boca Junoirs.For Argintina Diego Maradona has scored 34 goals.In total Maradona has scored 311 in his career know if you can find a soccer player with more then 311 goals comment.Also Maradona is a coach now and has coached Mandiyu de Corriented,Racing Club and right know is coaching Argintina.THIS IS WHY I THINK MARADONA IS THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER.HERE ARE THE 2 BEST GOALS EVER SCORED MY MARADONA.


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