Friday, February 27, 2009


Hi guys what do you think the best part of camp is going to be. well i think its ganna be the FOOD. jokes.i think its going to be be honest i dont know.well comment what you think the best thing is going to be about camp.Is it the smell of the out doors,The nice food hehe,no parents wooo hahaha jokes,comment guys.At camp i was sleeping then i woke up to go toilet and then i couldent feel my torch so i was like na i dont need to go toilet 5 minutes later i was about to explode i was running hardcore i keeped hitting walls but finally i got to the toilet and i was safe yaaaaaaaaaay.comment about your camp stories aswell

Arsenal Team

hi guys here are the first 11 players of arsenal and guess what they score goals.comment your top 5 players of the team.

1 Almunia • 2 Diaby • 3 Sagna • 4 Fàbregas (c) • 5 Touré • 7 Rosický • 8 Nasri • 9 Eduardo • 10 Gallas • 11 van Persie • 12 Vela • 14 Walcott • 15 Denílson • 16 Ramsey • 17 Song • 18 Silvestre • 19 Wilshere • 20 Djourou • 21 Fabiański • 22 Clichy • 23 Arshavin • 24 Mannone • 25 Adebayor • 26 Bendtner • 27 Eboué • 28 Bischoff • 35 Coquelin • 38 Emmanuel-Thomas • 40 Gibbs • 43 Mérida • 45 Nordtveit • 47 Randall • 56 Frimpong • Manager: Wenger

Guess who this player is he is from russia.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who is your favourite celeb?

Hi everyone please comment who your favourite celeb is.The celeb who gets the most comments.i will make my own post all about her/him.i will put alot of information about them and cool pics of them.Also the celeb who wins i will make a song about them LOL.And there is a 50% i will sing it in front of the whole class.naaa i dont have the guts. comment and we will see who wins. p.s hurry up and vote because i will see the winner 1 to 2 weeks after camp sooo yaaa. remember arsenal4life.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why do drugs when you know what its doing to you

Hi everybody i would like to know from you guys if you know what drugs can do to you please leave a comment with 1 bad thing that drugs and can do.And if your smart enough comment what is the worst drug there is and why.Look at the picture below that is what drugs do to you its a very serious matter you could die.I dont know how anyone can look at this picture and keep taking drugs.I really want to get a message out to everyone who takes drugs.You have a choice to make.To live a happy healthy life or live a horrible dull life and waist thousands of cash on stuff thats killing you,i mean what are you thinking. Please comment

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My favourite Soccer player

My Favourite Player Is.....

Samir Nasri

Your probally thinking Samir Nasri who because Samir isnt as famous as C.Ronaldo,Ronaldinho,Kaka etc,etc.But he is still my favourite player.He plays for arsenal and France and he is number 8 in arsenal and 11 in France.He is my favourite soccer player because he is always smiling and is very talented and plays for my favourite two teams.he is 21 years old so he has Alot of time in soccer yet to come and he is already a legend in my eyes.If you would like some more information on Nasri click on this link here

Thursday, February 19, 2009


hay guys when the year 8s went to swimming sports all the yr 7s went to rm 19 and miss freeman showed us this cool website called xtranormal and i made a clip check it out please p.s if you watched it Aly is my best Friend and he loves man u / Manchester united This is the link watch it please

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rm 18

Hi im in room 18 and i love arsenal we do alot of cool stuff such as art,maths and reading etc etc but Mr woody makes that stuff fun and cool and i hope our class has a awesome year and our blog is very famous like room5ians rule. Hope we all know what cyber safty is and yea Mr woody is a very vey good teacher


Hi this is my new blog and i hope i can make my blog cool and better in the end. Rm 18 4 life and yea ill be adding new things