Friday, October 16, 2009

New Blog

hey guys. i just made my new return to matainui blog. so check it out and follow me. cheers.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Why I Think Brazil Is Going To Win The World Cup 2010

World Cup 2010 is coming soon and this is why I think Brazil is going to win. I think Brazil is going to win because Brazil won the 2009 Confederation Cup and beat a number of skilled teams such as Spain,Italy and don't forget Egypt. Also they were down 2-0 in the final and came back to win 3-2. Another reason why i think Brazil is going to win is because of their amazing players like Kaka,Ronaldinho,Robinho,Adriano and Luis Fabiano. Brazil is also number 1 in the FIFA World Rankings and don't forget Brazil have won the world cup 5 time's, no other country has won it more. In conclusion this is why I think Brazil is going to win the World Cup.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Future In A Decade

When I'm older I do not know what i want to be. What i do know is what area i want to work in. I want to work in the health area such as a Vet or a Doctor. Your probably wondering i thought you want to be a soccer player but here is my points in why i did not mention i wanted to be a soccer player.

1. Im not good enough, when i was 6 i was meant to be better then i am now like just plain awesome.

2. Hardly any scouts come to NZ because we are not good at soccer.

3. Ryan Nelson is the only good NZ in the Premier League so its like a 4.5 million to 1 chance in getting into the premier league and being famous.

4. How will you have time to study and do well in university and high school when your training 24/7 to become a famous player. Your only chance is dropping out of school and what will happen if you dont become famous you wont be skilled or smart enough to get a good job.

So thats why im not saying when i grow up i want to be a soccer player. Now back to why i want to be in the health industry. I want to be in the health industry because my mum and dad are doctors and they are very succesfull they have a big house in NZ and Egypt, 4 kids in school doing well. Also they can help me to become doctors aswell so i have a massive advantage. So thats why i want to be in the health area.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Soca Nerd This Is For You

Yo Soca Nerd you have been searching for this mean shuffling techno song and here it is. Enjoy everyone this is an amazing song it is sooo cool. Comment below and tell me what you think about it. Also remeber at the start of the year when we did that does music help you work well i think that this is a perfect song to use in the classroom dont you think. But the only bad thing about it is that it makes you want to stand up and start shuffling Laugh On Line. Comment bellow and tell me what you think about the song cheers. (On the left is Mohamed Homos and on the right is Mohamed Zidan)

Egypt 4 Life

Friday, June 19, 2009

Egypt Vs Italy

On Friday the 19 of June 2009 Egypt versed Italy and won 1-0. I was so happy, This was the first time in history that Egypt has won against 2006 World Cup Champions Italy. The goal was from a lovely cross from Abou Trika and then Mohamed Homos unmarked BAAAM back of the net 1-0 a header goal. It was amazing, the link is below for the goal. Also if Brazil beat Italy and Egypt beats USA we are going to the Confederation Cup Semis oh yea WOOOO. GO EGYPT. HELA HELA HELA HOB ITALIA MESH ADREAN YE SODOW SHOWT HOMOS (HELA HELA HELA HOB ITALAIA ARE NOT ABLE TO STOP HOMOS SHOT) May i add ........ GO MOON BOY, GO EGYPT And we made an Italian soccer players pants fall down Hahahaha.Good luck Egypt.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Egypt Vs Brazil

I am sooo proud of Egypt. On the 15th of June 2009, Egypt versed Brazil in the confederation cup and they just lost 4-3 from a penalty IN THE LAST 10 MINUTES. If your sitting there going they still lost, Well get this all Brazilian football magazines said that Egypt played better and you should have seen how we tricked Brazil. Egypt owned them. If you watched the match you would know that.Also we had more possition. After the match the Egyption fans were jumping with happiness. Scoring 3 goals in the greatest football country in the world, 5 time world cup winners is a great houner. Click on the link below to see the goals of the match. Also i hope Egypt beat Italy. P.S a message to my classmates: When i came to school after the match i was really excited to tell my classmates and all i got was "Ha Ha Egypt Sucks" From Mousewheel, "Shame Libya is way better than Egypt" From I couldnt think of one "Ha Ha Shame Israel 4 life" From Road Runner, "Omg Austraila are way better than Egypt Australia can owned Brazil" From "Soca Nerd". I was really sad and hurt after that and i still am today and you know what THEY ARE STILL DOING IT. So if you are one of those people you know how i feel. CONGRATZ G Gangster for winning the crossing cup with Italy. GO EGYPT:HELA HELA HELA HELA HELA HELA HO MASR AHSAN MENAKOM. Trasnslation (HElA HELA HELA HELA HELA HO EGYPT IS BETTER THAN YOU, it sounds better in Arabic.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

C.ronaldo and Kaka

Omg i cant beileive it the greatest soccer player in the world and my favourite soccer player C.ronaldo has finnaly moved to Madrid. I am so happy. I found out about this on the 12th june 2009 at around 12 am. Real Madrid my 2nd favourite team in the world is going to dominate. Also did you see last season how bad Madrid played and how good Barcelona played. Well thats about to change i think that Kaka and C.Ronaldo are going to change the La Liga as you know it. Theres going to be freekicks (C.Ronaldo) Theres going to be screamers (goals) from way out (Kaka) Theres going to be double power (C.Ronaldo,Kaka) And the end my prediction is that Madrid are going to do it again and after a while put Kaka and C.Ronaldo on the bench like they did with Beckham and Ronaldo etc etc, And that is why they left. So Madrid i love you and good luck with the 2009/2010 La Liga. but Madrid if you dare touch the Champions League im going to kill you, The Champions League belongs to Arsenal MWAHAHAHAHA. Cya catcha later go Real Madrid and Arsenal.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who is in your dream team?

My Dream Team
Hi guys, A thing that i allways ask my self is, If you could have a choice of 11 players to put in a team, Any player, Any team, Any country who would it be. Personaly my team would mostly be premierleague players.My formation would be 3-5-2. My team is: GK Iker Cassilas D J.Terry D B.Ivanovic D Alex D Pepe D Puyol M Frank Lampard M Steven Gerrard M A.Iniesta M Cristiano Ronaldo M Kaka S Thierry Henry S Fernando Torres. That is my Dream Team hoped you liked it. Please comment bellow if my team was good or bad or good, Who you would change and why, Also Please comment your Dream Team.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


On 8 June 2009 Ricardo Kaká signed a six year contract with Real Madrid for £56 million or €68 million. And is wearing the number 18 shirt for Real Madrid.When i found out about this i was jumping i was soooo happy. I have all ways loved Madrid I've never seemed to like Barca like people do. But as the legend Kaka has went to Real Madrid, They are my 2nd favourite team. I wonder what my first favourite team is DUHH!!!!. I am still jumping and i would like to know your point of view. Please comment bellow, 1. Why it was a good idea to go to Madrid, 2. Why he left A.C Milan, 3. If it was a good idea to go to Madrid, 4. If you think it was a bad idea that he went to Real Madrid, What team should he have gone to?. Thanks for reading and comment below please.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Ultimate Soccer Question

Nicolas Anelka vs Ashley Young

Hi i would like to ask you guys a really hard question here goes.Who is a greater soccer player Nicolas Anelka (Wooot Wooot) or Ashley Young (Booooo).Here are some links to help you make up your decision.So far Anelka is winning by 1 point from ME tehe.So comment below and tell me what you think.Here are the links to make up your mind.P.s i made the picture my self tehe
Nicolas Anelka links
  1. Heres One
  2. Another One
  3. Again One
  4. Wikipeida
Ashley Young Links
  1. Ashley's One
  2. Another Ashley One
  3. Again Ashley Magic
  4. Wikipedia

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Youtube Video

Hi guys i made a new Youtube video and if you like check it out.It is sooooo dry so dont make fun of me because tongiriro tongariro giving a shout.Hear is the link.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My 2nd Favourite Team

Hi guys you all know my favourite team is Arsenal but you might think what my 2ND favourite team is.But the difference between my 2ND favourite and 1st favourite team is a big difference i love Arsenal infinity/100 and my 2nd favourite is like 100/100.Well the moment you have all been waiting for my 2ND favorite team is Newcastle UNITED.

Maradona is the greatest player in history

I think Diego Maradona is the greatest football player known to date.The reasons why i think this is because he won the world cup for Argentina twice.Also he scored the goal of the century it was the greatest goal ever scored known to man.Diego Maradona has scored heaps of goals in his career.Maradona has scored 116 goals for Argentinos Juniors,28 goals for Boca Juniors,22 goals for FC Barcelona,115 goals for Napoli,7 goals for Sevilla,0 goals for Newells old boys and 7 goals for Boca Junoirs.For Argintina Diego Maradona has scored 34 goals.In total Maradona has scored 311 in his career know if you can find a soccer player with more then 311 goals comment.Also Maradona is a coach now and has coached Mandiyu de Corriented,Racing Club and right know is coaching Argintina.THIS IS WHY I THINK MARADONA IS THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER.HERE ARE THE 2 BEST GOALS EVER SCORED MY MARADONA.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fairfeild Blue 7-1 Hamilton Marist Dragons

On Saturday the 9th of may 2009 the Fairfeild Blue played there 2nd match and versed the Hamilton Marist Dragons and won 7-1.We had a good 1st half passing alot and not hogging the ball.Great defending and clearing,making sure the opposition diddnt get the ball.In the 2nd half we got a little cocky and slowed down a bit but still played good.The goalscorers were Malik scoring an Arshavin (4) AGAIN!!! and Ben with 2 goals and Asser scoring 1 with a beautiful header thanks to a cross from Ben and 2 assists that malik scored.At the end of the day we had an awesome match once again and dominated.Player of the day went to Ben for a great game and everyone was happy with the choice.If you would like to see our next matches click here.Then scroll down to Waikato Juniors then click on fixtures next to Waikato Junior Open grade Grading

Monday, May 4, 2009

Samir Nasri Designs

Hi guys i was bored so i went on photo studio and made these Samir Nasri pictures.Please comment and give me some good points and bad points.Thanks guys.P.S THIS WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS MAREKAS LOL.So ya check it out and hope you like it.And oh while your at it compare mine and Marekas and tell me which one you like more.Here is Marekas click here.

ArSeNaL ArE My LiFe

Arsene Wenger is really samrt because when they versed portsmouth on the 3rd of may 2009 he put all the unexperianced players of arsenal and put bendtner and carlos vela on and so on.He diddnt put fabregas or nasri or adebayor and so on.I know why comment if you know why.Oh it doesent matter he did that because he wanted all the stars to have a break before they battle to the death against man u.WHO ARE WE.....WE ARE THE ARSENAL......AND WHO DO WE HATE......MANCHESTER UNITED.Also he is the 2nd longest lasting manager for an english team.Manchester United's Sir Alex Fergusen is the longest lasting.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fairfeild Blue 8-2 Hukanui-Rototuna Leopards

On the 2nd of may 2009 Fairfeild Blue versed the H-R Leopards and ended up on top.We had great passing and we communicated a lot and we were being team players and won.The goal scorers were: Malik with an Arshavin (4) Ben 1 Leon 1 Ryan 1 and Asser 1 yaaay i scored.Excellent match guys keep it up and nice try 1st 11 but cambridge were just to good better luck next time.And player of the match was a tough one but Malik got it in the end nice work.And Ben thanks for the ride=)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Soccer nerds stuff/things

Hey guys sozzys for not making a post earlier i was busy watching arsenal,talking arsenal,reading arsenal,loving arsenal and breathing arsenal.Today i would like to inform you of a blog that you dont know.He is in the room 18 class but nobody knows he even has a blog so here is the link here. click here

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fabregas is back

Fabregas has been out injured from arsenal for quite a long time and arsenal has missed him heaps.The way he assists a lot of goals.His free kicks.His beautiful corners.His leadership and role model skills as caption.And don't forget looks purr!!!! LOL Anyway yea he was awesome and when he left arsenals corners,crossing and play got a bit like Liverpool (really really bad) So as of 5 of April Fabregas was back against man city Hello Robinho. Last time we played them Fabregas,Rosisky,Eduardo and Samir Nasri (pfff samir nasri wasn't in the team of course we lost LOL) We lost 3-0 but on the 5th of April the Spanish warriors (Fabregas nickname) was back and he assisted 2 goals and we won 2-0 boo ya baby.And on the 8 of march arsenal tied 1-1 by a lovely bicycle by Adebayor but guess who assisted. SUPER SUPER FAB SUPER SUPER FAB SUPER SUPER FAB SUPER SUPER FAB SUPER FABREGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Yaaaa the Spanish push comes to show that when a guy scores its not all about him the guy who assisted it did more or the same work and that FABREGAS IS KING.P.s in the champions league Arsenal won 2-0 against A.C Milan that's right ''i couldn't think of one'' And guess who scored the 1 niler beautiful goal Fabregas hahahaha.And we were playing in there home ground the San Siro.Don't believe me well here's proof.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Arabic Lyrics

بلادي بلادي بلاديلكِ حبي و فؤاديبلادي بلادي بلاديلك حبي و فؤاديمصر يا أم البلادانت غايتي والمرادوعلى كل العبادكم لنيلك من ايادبلادي بلادي بلاديلكِ حبي و فؤاديبلادي بلادي بلاديلك حبي و فؤاديمصر انت أغلى درةفوق جبين الدهر غرةيا بلادي عيشي حرةواسلمي رغم الأعاديبلادي بلادي بلاديلكِ حبي و فؤاديبلادي بلادي بلاديلك حبي و فؤاديمصر اولادك كرامأوفياء يرعوا الزمامسوف تحظى بالمرامباتحادهم و اتحاديبلادي بلادي بلاديلكِ حبي و فؤاديبلادي بلادي بلاديلكِ حبي و فؤاديمصر يا أرض النعيمسدت بالمجد القديممقصدى دفع الغريموعلى الله اعتمادىبلادي بلادي بلاديلكِ حبي و فؤادي
My country, my country, my country.You have my love and my heart.My country, my country, my country,You have my love and my heart.Egypt! O mother of all lands,My hope and my ambition,And on all peopleYour Nile has countless gracesMy country, my country, my country,My love and my heart are for thee.My country, my country, my country,My love and my heart are for thee.Egypt! Most precious jewel,Shining on the brow of eternity!O my homeland, be for ever free,Safe from every foe!My homeland, my homeland, my homeland,My love and my heart are for thee.My homeland, my homeland, my homeland,My love and my heart are for thee.Egypt! Noble are thy children,Loyal, and guardians of the reins.It will attain high aspirationsWith their unity and with mine.My homeland, my homeland, my homeland,My love and my heart are for thee.My homeland, my homeland, my homeland,My love and my heart are for thee.Egypt, land of bountiesYou ruled with ancient glory My purpose is to repel the enemy And on God I rely My homeland, my homeland, my homeland,My love and my heart are for thee.
That was the Egypt national anthem.If you would like to know more about egypt click on the wikipedia link.For the Egypt anthem click on the youtube one


Mr.Woody's grandad went to Egypt in world war 2 and he diddnt want to go near the great pyramid (the biggest one) Well i think thats pretty weird but anyway let me tell you the story about the last time i went to Egypt it was awesome. A thing that i did was ride a donkey tee hee.The donkey was sooooo cute anyway there was kid who was next to me and he was hitting the donkey hard telling him to faster. Honestly i wanted to get a AK-47 and shot him 10000000 times. I toke a picture on top of a camel it was cool but it was so urghh and stuff and its mouth was disgusting. What else did i do oh yaaa this is prob the best thing i did i climbed one of the pyramids YAAAAAAAAAA.I dont know what one it was but it was a empty one (Obiously not the one with all the jewels in it). We climbed it but we had to be quick because it had low air level obiously. So ya 1st you were just walking and then you had to go across this bridgde it was wobbly and stuff scary as stuff. then after we had to climb up and up this ladder it was hard.we made it at the end and ya it was just a broken stone case thingy.Also we saw the sphinx (stupid Napoleon's troops broke the sphinx nose) if you think that they actully diddnt shot the sphinx nose of comment. EGYPT ROCKS.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cool soccer pics

Hay guys look at these funny caricatures of players ther crack up. look i put some samir nasri ones. if you would like any of these for any player ask me. oh yea and there is a few rugby ones but they are english players only. lol there is mr.bean. any way here they are oh and here is sergio ramos for road runner and kaka for i couldnt think of one.

how many faces

Hey guys arsenal4life again.Here a cool picture i found its a picture of a tree with faces in it so can you look at the picture carfulley and comment how much faces you think there is.Thanks guys oh and by the way comment on my other stuff.

How many faces can you find?

To test your intelligence:

If can find 0 – 5 faces – Lazy

If can find 6 – 7 faces – Normal

If can find 8 – 9 faces – Very Normal

If can find 10 – 11 – Smart

If can find 12 – 13 faces – Genius

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was a famous painter.He was born on April 15, 1452 in Italy and died in May 2, 1519 (aged 67). I like leonardo da Vinci is the best artist because he did great pictures and made my favourite artwork. The Mona Lisa. The picture has very great texture and detail.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hey Guys

Hey i don't know what to do on my blog so if any of you guys have any ideas i would much appreciate it.thank you.and remember arsenal4life.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Arsenal scores mystery man rules

hi everyone its arsenal4life guys all know my name is im a gunner but from now on i will change my name whenever aresenl play last week my name would of been. Arsenal 0-0 fulham.In the mean time my name is going to be mystery man rules. mystery man knows why im doing this.Oh and by the way you guys are mean why are you not voting on my favourite celeb or why not to do drugs etc. please comment. and remember arsenal4life and mystery man rules

Friday, February 27, 2009


Hi guys what do you think the best part of camp is going to be. well i think its ganna be the FOOD. jokes.i think its going to be be honest i dont know.well comment what you think the best thing is going to be about camp.Is it the smell of the out doors,The nice food hehe,no parents wooo hahaha jokes,comment guys.At camp i was sleeping then i woke up to go toilet and then i couldent feel my torch so i was like na i dont need to go toilet 5 minutes later i was about to explode i was running hardcore i keeped hitting walls but finally i got to the toilet and i was safe yaaaaaaaaaay.comment about your camp stories aswell

Arsenal Team

hi guys here are the first 11 players of arsenal and guess what they score goals.comment your top 5 players of the team.

1 Almunia • 2 Diaby • 3 Sagna • 4 Fàbregas (c) • 5 Touré • 7 Rosický • 8 Nasri • 9 Eduardo • 10 Gallas • 11 van Persie • 12 Vela • 14 Walcott • 15 Denílson • 16 Ramsey • 17 Song • 18 Silvestre • 19 Wilshere • 20 Djourou • 21 Fabiański • 22 Clichy • 23 Arshavin • 24 Mannone • 25 Adebayor • 26 Bendtner • 27 Eboué • 28 Bischoff • 35 Coquelin • 38 Emmanuel-Thomas • 40 Gibbs • 43 Mérida • 45 Nordtveit • 47 Randall • 56 Frimpong • Manager: Wenger

Guess who this player is he is from russia.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who is your favourite celeb?

Hi everyone please comment who your favourite celeb is.The celeb who gets the most comments.i will make my own post all about her/him.i will put alot of information about them and cool pics of them.Also the celeb who wins i will make a song about them LOL.And there is a 50% i will sing it in front of the whole class.naaa i dont have the guts. comment and we will see who wins. p.s hurry up and vote because i will see the winner 1 to 2 weeks after camp sooo yaaa. remember arsenal4life.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why do drugs when you know what its doing to you

Hi everybody i would like to know from you guys if you know what drugs can do to you please leave a comment with 1 bad thing that drugs and can do.And if your smart enough comment what is the worst drug there is and why.Look at the picture below that is what drugs do to you its a very serious matter you could die.I dont know how anyone can look at this picture and keep taking drugs.I really want to get a message out to everyone who takes drugs.You have a choice to make.To live a happy healthy life or live a horrible dull life and waist thousands of cash on stuff thats killing you,i mean what are you thinking. Please comment

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My favourite Soccer player

My Favourite Player Is.....

Samir Nasri

Your probally thinking Samir Nasri who because Samir isnt as famous as C.Ronaldo,Ronaldinho,Kaka etc,etc.But he is still my favourite player.He plays for arsenal and France and he is number 8 in arsenal and 11 in France.He is my favourite soccer player because he is always smiling and is very talented and plays for my favourite two teams.he is 21 years old so he has Alot of time in soccer yet to come and he is already a legend in my eyes.If you would like some more information on Nasri click on this link here

Thursday, February 19, 2009


hay guys when the year 8s went to swimming sports all the yr 7s went to rm 19 and miss freeman showed us this cool website called xtranormal and i made a clip check it out please p.s if you watched it Aly is my best Friend and he loves man u / Manchester united This is the link watch it please

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rm 18

Hi im in room 18 and i love arsenal we do alot of cool stuff such as art,maths and reading etc etc but Mr woody makes that stuff fun and cool and i hope our class has a awesome year and our blog is very famous like room5ians rule. Hope we all know what cyber safty is and yea Mr woody is a very vey good teacher


Hi this is my new blog and i hope i can make my blog cool and better in the end. Rm 18 4 life and yea ill be adding new things