Saturday, June 13, 2009

C.ronaldo and Kaka

Omg i cant beileive it the greatest soccer player in the world and my favourite soccer player C.ronaldo has finnaly moved to Madrid. I am so happy. I found out about this on the 12th june 2009 at around 12 am. Real Madrid my 2nd favourite team in the world is going to dominate. Also did you see last season how bad Madrid played and how good Barcelona played. Well thats about to change i think that Kaka and C.Ronaldo are going to change the La Liga as you know it. Theres going to be freekicks (C.Ronaldo) Theres going to be screamers (goals) from way out (Kaka) Theres going to be double power (C.Ronaldo,Kaka) And the end my prediction is that Madrid are going to do it again and after a while put Kaka and C.Ronaldo on the bench like they did with Beckham and Ronaldo etc etc, And that is why they left. So Madrid i love you and good luck with the 2009/2010 La Liga. but Madrid if you dare touch the Champions League im going to kill you, The Champions League belongs to Arsenal MWAHAHAHAHA. Cya catcha later go Real Madrid and Arsenal.


  1. OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Kaka moved lolz. Man ur an idiot. First you say dat Newcastle is ur 2nd favourite team not real madrid!

  2. omg i just said that cos i felt sorry 4 Alan sherear