Friday, June 19, 2009

Egypt Vs Italy

On Friday the 19 of June 2009 Egypt versed Italy and won 1-0. I was so happy, This was the first time in history that Egypt has won against 2006 World Cup Champions Italy. The goal was from a lovely cross from Abou Trika and then Mohamed Homos unmarked BAAAM back of the net 1-0 a header goal. It was amazing, the link is below for the goal. Also if Brazil beat Italy and Egypt beats USA we are going to the Confederation Cup Semis oh yea WOOOO. GO EGYPT. HELA HELA HELA HOB ITALIA MESH ADREAN YE SODOW SHOWT HOMOS (HELA HELA HELA HOB ITALAIA ARE NOT ABLE TO STOP HOMOS SHOT) May i add ........ GO MOON BOY, GO EGYPT And we made an Italian soccer players pants fall down Hahahaha.Good luck Egypt.


  1. your blog is good .
    I like it.

  2. Arsenal dont reply to colour life it might be the same as that tom dude but your blog is gangster and i wished that Egypt had scored more to rub it in Buffon's face