Thursday, June 18, 2009

Egypt Vs Brazil

I am sooo proud of Egypt. On the 15th of June 2009, Egypt versed Brazil in the confederation cup and they just lost 4-3 from a penalty IN THE LAST 10 MINUTES. If your sitting there going they still lost, Well get this all Brazilian football magazines said that Egypt played better and you should have seen how we tricked Brazil. Egypt owned them. If you watched the match you would know that.Also we had more possition. After the match the Egyption fans were jumping with happiness. Scoring 3 goals in the greatest football country in the world, 5 time world cup winners is a great houner. Click on the link below to see the goals of the match. Also i hope Egypt beat Italy. P.S a message to my classmates: When i came to school after the match i was really excited to tell my classmates and all i got was "Ha Ha Egypt Sucks" From Mousewheel, "Shame Libya is way better than Egypt" From I couldnt think of one "Ha Ha Shame Israel 4 life" From Road Runner, "Omg Austraila are way better than Egypt Australia can owned Brazil" From "Soca Nerd". I was really sad and hurt after that and i still am today and you know what THEY ARE STILL DOING IT. So if you are one of those people you know how i feel. CONGRATZ G Gangster for winning the crossing cup with Italy. GO EGYPT:HELA HELA HELA HELA HELA HELA HO MASR AHSAN MENAKOM. Trasnslation (HElA HELA HELA HELA HELA HO EGYPT IS BETTER THAN YOU, it sounds better in Arabic.

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  1. Verry cool post! Im glad i followed you in time to see this! What a great attitude to have, you are right, it is an amazing achievment with out even winning! shame on those people that tried to bum you out! You could teach them a few things about being proud of your team and playing for the game not always the win!
    PS. I am so envious of you bilingualness (real word??)