Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Ultimate Soccer Question

Nicolas Anelka vs Ashley Young

Hi i would like to ask you guys a really hard question here goes.Who is a greater soccer player Nicolas Anelka (Wooot Wooot) or Ashley Young (Booooo).Here are some links to help you make up your decision.So far Anelka is winning by 1 point from ME tehe.So comment below and tell me what you think.Here are the links to make up your mind.P.s i made the picture my self tehe
Nicolas Anelka links
  1. Heres One
  2. Another One
  3. Again One
  4. Wikipeida
Ashley Young Links
  1. Ashley's One
  2. Another Ashley One
  3. Again Ashley Magic
  4. Wikipedia


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  2. Hands down its Nicolas Anielka man Ashley Yound is useless compared to Anielka (And there both absoulutely useless compared to Kaka!)

    Check out both my blogs pepz!

    Newcastle got RELEGATED

  4. Anelka the Man New Castle suck but not as bad as ashley young

  5. You've got 1001 views on your blog! =)

  6. Ashley Young is the man because he got best new comer of the year aswell as best young player of the year. Abonlagour and Ashley young are unstopable with their mean skill and amazing goals (these two men are meant to be)

  7. Anelkas goals are all just running past the keeper and tapping the ball in the goal making it boaring.

  8. please reply arsenal4life
    or you know i'm right

  9. Man all of you dont have taste all of Anelkas goals are tapping the ball in the goal, Ashley young usually has a long range shot or skills other players then shoots (its amazing)