Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why do drugs when you know what its doing to you

Hi everybody i would like to know from you guys if you know what drugs can do to you please leave a comment with 1 bad thing that drugs and can do.And if your smart enough comment what is the worst drug there is and why.Look at the picture below that is what drugs do to you its a very serious matter you could die.I dont know how anyone can look at this picture and keep taking drugs.I really want to get a message out to everyone who takes drugs.You have a choice to make.To live a happy healthy life or live a horrible dull life and waist thousands of cash on stuff thats killing you,i mean what are you thinking. Please comment


  1. WOOOOO!!! that is sick just look at the change in her face in 4 years it is just disgusting what these drugs can do to you i think you are making a very important point arsenal keep it up!

  2. Omg scary U have a cool blog